ThrillFits is a brand that stands for everything that excites us. We love ideas that are relatable and subtle. An idea/ thought that fits the brand is more likely to be accepted. However, we’re always open to anything an artist can come up with, so we encourage you to send us your ideas and we will consider it.


T-shirts and Hoodies

Colours – 1 to 4 colours
Printing- Screen / Sublimation
File Formats- .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .pdf


Colours – Full Spectrum
Printing- Digital
File Formats- .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .pdf


Colours – Full Spectrum
Printing- Digital
File Formats- .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpg, .pdf


If you have any questions about collaborating and creating artwork with us, please write to us on


Here’s a list of themes/ ideas you can refer to while making your design. These themes are just to guide you in case you’re unsure on how or where to begin. You’re always free to think outside the box, and surprise us with something completely different. Sports, Travel, Music, Geeky, Animals, Minimalist, Nature/ Environment, Social Causes.


ThrillFits is a brand that encourages original ideas, and supports passionate artists. We do not accept content that infringes a third party’s copyright in any manner. You as a artist will own full responsibilities of any copyright claims and damages inflicted upon us/yourself.

Artwork We Accept

Artwork base on an original idea you might have had Spoofs/ Parody –An artwork falls under spoof or parody, in the eyes of the law, when the new work calls to mind the original work (the original author’s design or trademark) and criticises or ridicules the message of that original work. This is permitted by law, in some circumstances, and falls under fair use. However, this is a fairly complicated area of law, and it’s always best to consult your lawyer buddy when in doubt.

Artwork We Don’t Accept

Google images
Artwork created by another artist
A copy of artwork created by someone else (Inspired styles should have not more than 5% of the visuals taken from the inspiration and should be 100% different in idea and concept. In case the original artist requires, your artwork may be taken off immediately, without notice.)
Designs for our Official Merchandise section
Artwork that is offensive/ insensitive, or mocks race, religion, creed, politics, etc.